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Important stages

Founded: May 1, 1974

Bergonzo Roger

(10.03.1936 - 07.07.2017)

Founder: The company was founded by Mr. Roger Bergonzo and his wife Adelheid as a sole propitorship.

Company Name: The name of the company is composed of the respective first letters of the name and first name of Mr. Bergonzo Roger and is completed by the first letters of the word technology.

Bergonzo Adelheid

In the first four years of activity, a local is rented in the city center.

The former owners quickly realize that the rented location is rather unfavorable and decide to start a new construction at the present location.

1978: The new building in the "Quartier de la Verrerie"

1983: Construction of the three garages

1986: Land acquisition (as an expansion reserve)

1987: The first CNC machines (STAR RNC-16 A) were purchased.

1988: Plant extension of today's „Grinding department“

1995: Plant extension of today's "Administrative offices" and conversion to a public company

2001: ISO 9001:2000 Certification

2003: 1st August: Integration into the Berotec Holding SA

2005: Extension of production by buying a honing machine

2006: The max. turning diameter is 20mm now. Frontally driven tools and high pressure pumps increase the complexity of the parts produced by Berotec.

2007: Renewal of our CAQ-System

2011: Because our "old" washing medium (trichlorethylene) was listed in the REACH list since mid-2010 [REACH Regulation (EC) No 1907/2006 (Registration, Evaluation, Authorization and Restriction of Chemicals)], and in this regard, future problems could appear, we invested in a new cleaning system, which cleans with hydrocarbon or modified alcohol.

2015: The Y2 axis finds the way into our production

2017: With B-axis we can now produce more complicated geometries and especially slope holes

2019: Our first optical measuring machine for all parts with small and smallest dimensions.

2020: Our first 3-channel machine